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IPL 2024 Player Auction: 333 Players, Big Prices, and Global Talent



ipl 2024 player auction

Cricket fans, mark your calendars as grand The Indian Premier League IPL 2024 Player Auction is here and is going to be held on December 19th, 2023, in Dubai at the Coca-Cola Arena.

The list of players was revealed today, and it’s a big one – 333 cricketers will be in the spotlight, hoping to be picked by the IPL teams.

IPL 2024 Player Auction Complete Details

 Here are the updates in detailed yet simple terms:

Who’s in the Mix?

It’s a mix of experienced players (capped) and newcomers (uncapped), bringing various talents to this auction. Two players from associate nations add an extra global touch.

  • An extremely talented 333 cricketers are set up for grabs their position in this ipl2024 auction.
  • 214 players are from India, and 119 are from other countries, including 2 from smaller cricket nations with extremely talented emerging newbies.

IPL 2024 Players in Categories:

  • There are two main types of players: capped players who have been playing for a long in past IPL series (with experience) and uncapped players who have played for their respective team but not yet in past IPL Series (emerging talents).
  • 116 players have experienced previous IPL Series, while 215 players are the new faces.
  • Two players are from countries not known for big cricket teams

Slots available for the players and Overseas Stars:

  • Teams have 77 spots to fill, and they can pick up to 30 players from other countries.
  • This adds an international twist, making teams a mix of local and global talent.

Big Money Talks:

  • The auction will start with players setting their prices.
  • The highest bid someone can make for a player is INR 2 crore.
  • 23 players are aiming for this top price, and 13 are starting at INR 1.5 crore.

When and Where?

The IPL 2024 players auction will start at 1 PM in Dubai, which means 2:30 PM in India. So, make sure you’re tuned in!

So, get ready for some selection thrill as team management will compete against each other to build their dream squads for the upcoming IPL season. It will be an exciting day full of surprises, big money moves, and, of course, the thrill of seeing who will end up on which team or dream team player. Stay tuned!

IPL2024/ Squad Members/ Salary Cap/ Available Slots
FranchiseNo of PlayersNo. of Overseas PlayersTotal Money Spent(Rs.)Salary Cap Available (Rs.)Available SlotsOverseas Slots

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