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Asia Cup

Pakistan vs India, Super Fours of Asia Cup 2023, 3rd Match – Live Cricket Score, Commentary



IND vs Pak

A Fantastic Win for Team India!

Today, Team India played an incredible cricket match in Asia Cup 2023, 3rd Match

In the annals of cricket history, there are moments that etch themselves into our memories, and today, Team India delivered one of those unforgettable performances. After suffering heartbreak in two ‘reserve day’ games in the past, they came out with an unquenchable fire in their hearts, utterly dominating their opponents from start to finish.

The spectacle began with their openers setting the stage ablaze, playing with aggression and flair to notch up impressive fifties. It was a statement of intent, a declaration that they were here to conquer. But what followed was nothing short of cricketing magic.

As the innings progressed, the much-vaunted Pakistani pace attack, often feared and revered, was made to appear shockingly mediocre. KL Rahul, returning to ODI cricket with a thunderous bang, showcased his brilliance, while Virat Kohli, the maestro, etched his name deeper into the record books with his 47th century. The stands erupted in joy as these two batting maestros painted a masterpiece with their strokes.

But it wasn’t just the batsmen who stole the show.

Second Inning

In the second inning, we witnessed a mesmerizing display of swing bowling. Jasprit Bumrah, making his return, swung the ball like an artist’s brush on a canvas, and Mohammed Siraj, ever reliable, joined in the symphony of seam movement. They troubled the Pakistani batsmen with deliveries that darted both ways, producing deliveries that were, in cricketing jargon, “jaffas.”

Yet, the pinnacle of brilliance was reached when Hardik Pandya unleashed a delivery that will echo through the ages. It was a missile that dismantled the stumps of an in-form Babar Azam, sending shockwaves across the cricketing world. That ball will be replayed in highlights and adorned with flashy edits, a testament to the sheer artistry of the Indian all-rounder.

Then came Shardul Thakur, who conjured a peach of a delivery to dismiss Rizwan, leaving the Pakistani innings in tatters. And finally, Kuldeep Yadav took center stage, extracting a bewildering turn from a surface that, until then, seemed tailor-made for pacers. He spun the ball both ways with ease, finishing with astonishing figures of 5/25, a performance that would be celebrated for years to come.

For Pakistan, the day brought not only defeat but also concerns over the potential injuries to Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah, two of their promising talents. For Babar Azam and his team, there is much to ponder and work on.

For India, this day was a dream come true. Every piece of the puzzle fell into place, with Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, and Kuldeep Yadav, all playing pivotal roles. A special mention must go to Shreyas Iyer, who made a remarkable comeback and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

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ScoreBoard of Pakistan vs India, Super Fours of Asia Cup 2023,

As the dust settles on this remarkable day of cricket, . It’s a moment for the players to bask in the glory of their performance, for the fans to celebrate their heroes, and for cricket enthusiasts worldwide to savor the beauty of a perfect game played by Team India.

Man Of the Match – Virat Kohli

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Stats of Match

Biggest victory for India in ODIs (in runs)
317 vs Sri Lanka, Trivandrum, 2023*
257 vs Bermuda, Port of Spain, 2007
256 vs Hongkong, Karachi, 2008
228 vs Pakistan, Colombo (RPS), 2023*

Biggest defeat for Pakistan in ODIs (in runs):
234  vs Sri Lanka, Lahore, 2009
228 vs India, Colombo (RPS), 2023*
224 vs Australia, Nairobi, 2002
198 vs England, Nottingham, 1992

Biggest win margin by runs in ODI Asia Cup Series
256 runs  – IND vs HK, Karachi, 2008
238 runs – PAK vs NEP, Multan, 2023
233 runs – PAK vs BAN, Dhaka, 2000
228 runs – IND vs PAK, Colombo (RPS), today*

This is also the biggest win margin by runs at Colombo (RPS) in ODIs by the India Team.

Lowest team totals for Pakistan vs. India in ODIs
87 at Sharjah, 1985
116 at Toronto, 1997
128 at Colombo (RPS), today*

134 at Sharjah, 1984

Biggest win margin for India in India vs. Pakistan in ODIs
228 runs at Colombo (RPS), today*
140 runs at Mirpur, 2008
124 runs at Birmingham, 2017

Best ODI stats by Indian spinner vs. Pakistan
5/21 – Arshad Ayub, Dhaka, 1988
5/50 – Sachin Tendulkar, Kochi, 2005
5/25 – Kuldeep Yadav, Colombo (RPS), today*
4/12 – Anil Kumble, Toronto, 1996

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